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is it some sort of delicious biscuit?

I'll just put it here with the rest of the fire

sarah saturday
24 February
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I am not a mod or a rocker. I am a mocker.

Imagine all this said in the sexy Scottish drug dealer accent of Ewan McGregor circa mid 1990s.
"Choose full fat chocolate mousse. Choose sleeping in on Sundays. Choose one too many glasses of wine. Choose heels that are purely decorational. Choose left over pizza for breakfast. Choose shopping as your cardio. Choose singing to your car radio with the window down. Choose dry shampoo and an extra 15 minutes sleep in on mondays. Choose life."
- Drop Dead Gorgeous

"I've always liked Alice and her adventures in Wonderland. She negotiates an existential crisis with a caterpillar. She eats and drinks whatever she wants. She gets invited to some crazy parties. She recites some poetry. And she's not afraid to have a cry when it all gets too much. Sounds like a typical night out with me."
- Michi Girl